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Lageplan des Forschungsstandortes Teltow-Seehof


Research Institute Bioactive Polymer Systems
FI biopos e.V.
Research Center Teltow-Seehof
House O
Kantstraße 55
D-14513 Teltow
Phone: +49-3328-3322-10
Fax: +49-3328-3322-11

research institute bioactive polymer systems

bioinnovations from teltow-seehof

Haus O

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petrol was yesterday is our guiding principle, the biorefinery and the green biorefinery are our main subjects, the bioactive polymer systems are our main interest, working and producing in the areas of bio-organic synthesis, of affinity carrier material and polyelectrolyte complexes are our know-how...

... if you are interested in our work and products, just visit us at the Research Center Teltow-Seehof, Kantstrasse 55, D-14513 Teltow, House O